The Prison Ministry is a volunteer process; even the preachers and Bible Study teachers are all volunteers. The only monies received are for reimbursement of expenses paid out by volunteers, primarily by the Board of Directors (Les Wittle, John Bilboe, Joe Poley, Scott Wilson and Randy Miley) as they normally head up the groups attending.
On short trips, usually 1-2 hours away, depending on the time of day, refreshments, lunch or supper is paid for by the leader of the group who then is reimbursed for the cost, plus the cost for gas or tolls. Often these are paid for by the leader without reimbursement. For those with children who want to join us as we visit the prisons, we will assist with the payment for a baby sitter.

Your Concerns

Many people are concerned or afraid to go to prisons because they have heard of disturbances or some horror story on the news some years ago, or they have in the back of their minds the movies they have seen which depict riots, etc. Although these may happen from time to time in the prisons, they do not happen in the environment that we experience. First, if any disturbance is anticipated or experienced before we arrive, we will not be allowed into the prison. Second, if anything were to materialize while we were there, at the first hint of trouble, some 20-50 guards would come to usher us out before things get out of hand. Our time is spent in the Chapel where 99% of the attendees are there for Chapel service, and want to hear what we have to say and to intermingle with us because we are real and want to be there. I have come to see that they enjoy our company and for those few who are not believers in Christ, they are more afraid of us than we are of them. We have been going into the prisons for about 20 years now without one incident happening, although there have been a few times when our visit was cancelled as precautionary.

Our Concerns

We need motivated, enthusiastic individuals who have a desire to serve the Lord by using their God-given talents of singing, preaching or just showing God’s love to these inmates. Good manners, respect for authority, and a longing to glorify Jesus Christ in even the most humble of tasks is required. We are looking for people who demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit of God (Galatians 5:22-25) in every aspect of their lives. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, prisoners are people and sinners just like you and I. We try to treat them as normally as if they were in our church talking with us. Yes, it is that simple!
Our Philosophy
We believe that the best witness of Christ to a lost and rebellious world is the simple desire to demonstrate His great love in every action, word, and deed (Hebrews 12:1). When someone is a true child of God, their desire is to serve Him in any manner He chooses. The Lord cannot use those who are unyielding and rebellious, and neither can we. When a believer really loves Jesus Christ, it makes no difference whether they are asked to perform some technical highly-skilled task or just hang a poster in the church. The willingness to serve, whatever the need may be, is the most effective way of saying to others, “My heart is a dwelling place of God.” As Jesus said, “…the Son of man did not come to ministered unto, but to minister, and to give His life a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28).

Areas We Serve and Basic Requirements
As you have probably read in other areas of this Web Site, we correspond with inmates from all 27 State Prisons within Pennsylvania but currently only visit 16 of them due to distance and cost. We correspond with inmates from other states and visit Delaware Prisons twice a year, plus we visit the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF), which is in Norristown, close to Collegeville. We preach, we sing, we play instruments and we hold Bible Studies.
You must be a current member of Valley Forge Baptist to be eligible to participate in this program. Why? Because we (and they) need to know that we are on the same spiritual level so that opposing philosophies are not counterproductive and unbiblical. Sorry, due to the nature of this Ministry, you must be 18 years old.

The use of volunteers will depend upon the needs of the ministry and the skills of the individual at any specific time. Presently, we need people to:

• We need men who have the desire to preach within the prisons. Currently, we have needs for the State Prisons, Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF) and also for S.C.I. Graterford. Only members of Valley Forge Baptist are eligible for this ministry. • We need men for Graterford to assist in our Bible Studies there on Tuesday nights, as well as our Bible Studies on Thursdays nights at MCCF men. • To help us with Bible distributions and mailings. • To help us at Christmas time with preparing and mailing Christmas cards to all inmates who are currently active with us. • Rather than to give us your old used bibles, we only use KJV and it is most economical to purchase new ones at very low prices. We constantly look for better savings. • We have current needs for singers and those who play instruments, especially piano. • We are very accommodating with your schedule and try never to overuse your willingness to help.

Donated Material Should Be Mailed To One of the Addresses Below:

Cornerstone Prison Ministry P.O. Box #26875 Collegeville, PA 19426 Cornerstone Prison Ministry c/o Valley Forge Baptist 616 S. Trappe Road Collegeville, PA 19468

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