Apr. 24th, Sunday                   GRATERFORD
Apr. 24th, Sunday                   MCCF-M / MCCF-W
Apr. 28th, Thurs.                     MCCF-M

May 22nd, Sunday                   GRATERFORD
May 22nd,  Sunday                  MCCF-W
May 22nd, Sunday                   MCCF-M / MCCF-W
May29th, Sunday                     MCCF-W
May 29th, Sunday                    FRACKVILLE

June 5th, Sunday                      MCCF-W
June 12th, Sunday                    MUNCY
June 26th, Sunday                    GRATERFORD
June 26th, Sunday                    MCCF-W
June 26th, Sunday                    MCCF-M / MCCF-W

July 3rd, Sunday                       MCCF-W
July 24th, Sunday                     GRATERFORD
July 24th, Sunday                     MCCF-W
July 24th, Sunday                     MCCF-M / MCCF-W
July 31st, Sunday                     MCCF-W

Aug. 28th, Sunday                   GRATERFORD
Aug. 28th, Sunday                   MCCF-W
Aug. 28th, Sunday                   MCCF-M / MCCF-W

Sep. 4th, Sunday                      MCCF-W
Sept. 18th, Sunday                   DALLAS
Sep. 25th, Sunday                    CAMP HILL
Sep. 25th, Sunday                    GRATERFORD
Sep. 25th, Sunday                    MCCF-W
Sep. 25th, Sunday                    MCCF-M / MCCF-W
Sept. 29th, Sunday                   SMYRNA, DE

Oct. 30th, Sunday                     MCCF-W

Nov. 6th, Sunday                     MCCF-W
Nov. 20th, Sunday                   CAMP HILL
Nov. 27th, Sunday                   GRATERFORD
Nov. 27th, Sunday                   MCCF-W
Nov. 27th, Sunday                   MCCF-M / MCCF-W

Dec. 4th, Sunday                      MCCF-W
Dec. 25th, Sunday                    GRATERFORD
Dec. 25th, Sunday                    MCCF-W
Dec. 25th, Sunday                    MCCF-M / MCCF-W

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