SCI Graterford, Sunday, July 24th


On Sunday morning there were eleven men who came to our service. It was an interesting morning as I had some of the men read scripture from my message “Your Convictions About Prayer”. They enjoyed being a part of the service and were very attentive. I asked the men if they knew for sure they were saved and all raised there hands except three individuals. They did not even look up at me, so I guess there is still some work to do at Graterford. When I dismissed the men, those three men were out of the room like a shot. Others came to talk and I was happy to converse with them for a little while. I do think the men there really need to be asking others to come to the services, including the Bible study on Tuesday evenings. I asked them to try to get men to come. Have a great week in the Lord.

In Him,
Bro. Les

SCI Graterford, Sunday. July 10th

PTL.  Kathy and I went into Graterford inside the walls for the 1st time in years met by Chaplain Torres and all went well I had an hour to preach on creation of man which is eternal and on into soul winning from Mark 10: 46-52 and at the stand up invitation about 20 men stood and prayed to ask to be saved PTL. Kathy also read a hymn history on Rescue the Perishing they appreciated it. We really had a great time with the Chaplain.

Scotty CPM

SCI Camp Hill, Sunday, July 10th

Les Wittle and I went to Camp Hill this morning. I preached the 1st service and Les did the 2nd and 3rd. There were about 560 men in attendance and around 85 raised their hands for Christ. It was a great day all around!

In His Name,

Joe Poley

SCI Frackville,Sunday Evening, May 29th

Hi Folks,

Well we arrived at Frackville in plenty of time and man where we really blessed. Les do you remember Chaplain Brown? He met Kathy and I at the gate and told us he resigned his church to his wife, which we would not agree with. And told us the next day looking for the Lords guidance the prison called him and asked him to fill in at Frackville and if he wanted the position he could have it. He does if you remember have some
very bad health issues but he said he is going to pray about it. Then said it was real clear of the Lords leading on this request. So we have something to pray about Amen!! He wondered if we would remember him and we met and was really overwhelmed when we seen each other. Because Kathy and I were praying on the way there would be zero problems and wow did the Lord answer our prayers Amen!!
I was given 25 minutes the 1st service and 4 men responded to the invitation . The message was I Kings 17 and Luke 4. How God sent Elisha to Zarephath for one widow woman and maybe God sent CPM to Frackville for 1 man and He gave us 4 Amen!!!
The 2nd service I had about 20 minutes and spoke from Exodus 20 the 10 commandments and had some interaction with the men and they did real good. They got them all correct and in order amen. At the invitation no one responded every one said they where saved but we didn’t think so however the seed was planted. And the saved men at SCI Frackville will follow up. Glory to God

Thanks for all who prayed Scotty CPM

MCCF Sunday Evening, May 22nd

I went into MCCF by myself this past Sunday, as Paul had gone to Delaware but ended up in the hospital for his heart acting up. He is fine!
Had a full house in the mens service as they sung two songs by the choir then gave me 40 minutes to preach. It looked llike Camp Hill as many men raised there hand to pray and seek GOd’s forgiveness and Salvation.

On the ladies side I preached the same message from Luke 19 using vs 22 and applying the word “and” to show that eternity is for real. Once again the whole place responded and prayed aloud to receive Christ. I know some of them are saved as some of them have been to VFBT before going to jail.

Anyhow God was Glorified in the place and I was happy to be used to see souls saved “All to the Glory of God”

John Bilboe

SCI Camp Hill, Sunday, May 1st


Scott Shaw, Marty Gotsch and myself went to Camp Hill yesterday. The weather wasn’t very good to start but it did clear up. In the three services there were 511 inmates and abt. 67 raised their hands to accept Jesus Christ atoning death on the cross.

Marty preached on Daniel in the first service (blue’s).

I preached on Acts 10, Peter’s vision in the second (blue’s)

And Scott did the afternoon service with the brown’s on Mark 4 (the Sower).

We ran out of business cards but we still should see many request for Bibles and Discipleship.

In His Name,


MCCF, Sunday Afternoon, July 24th

Hi! People,
We arrived on time ad everything went well getting in. We had 1 1/2 hours to minister and Kathy gave a testimony and had a prayer with the women. I preached on IKings 17 with many references and at the invitation 1 lady stood up and prayed to get saved PTL we closed the service and went away rejoicing on want God had done. I want to thank all who prayed for us prayer really works.

All to the Glory of God Scotty and Kathy CPM