In order to accomplish our goals we would like to solicit your prayers and financial support. All monetary donations will further the ministry’s work in reaching men and women for Jesus Christ. Discipleship programs will help the inmates in prison and after their release into society. Matthew 28:18-20 tells us to “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…” which we know is the “Great Commission”. It is our desire to serve the Lord in obedience, and the prisons we enter are our mission field and the mission field of the inmates who have asked Jesus Christ into their lives.
Cornerstone Prison Ministry is presently seeking funds to continue the ministry. As we grow, the expenses increase for more bibles, bible studies, discipleship lessons, gas, postage and administration costs such as paper, ink, envelopes, etc.
Our future goal is to establish funding for a transitional home (Halfway House) to help those getting out of prison to have a place to go where they can continue to be surrounded by other Bible believing Christians. Many do not have family, godly direction or employment and the need is great. Over and over again people end up back in prison because they have no choice but to go back to their old lifestyle on the streets where they came from. There is no hope for them and the transitional home will help them take the first step back to a normal lifestyle; one with Christ. It will be a mentoring, discipleship and training facility, which would show the true love of Christ as we prepare them to return to an everyday life in the secular world. Most of the Halfway Houses they become part of today are State run and although they provide a place, a bed and food they are not Biblically oriented. Without God and the Bible, many eventually fall quickly back into prison.
Cornerstone Prison Ministry deeply covets your prayers and financial support. All contributions are today and will continue to be used only for the operation and growth of this ministry. Please mail all checks payable to Valley Forge Baptist Temple, 616 South Trappe Road, Collegeville, PA 19426, and please be sure to designate that your donation is for Cornerstone Prison Ministry. If you have any questions, please contact us at PO BOX 26875, Collegeville, PA 19426.

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