SCI Dallas, Sunday, February 19th


Marty and I went to DALLAS on Sunday.  This time we got there for last time there was an accident on the turnpike and we had to come home.  Those who have gone to DALLAS, the tall guy who was the assistant, his name is Carlton Houck is now the acting Chaplain.  He works Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  He expects to be the Chaplain but they are playing a numbers game and they have more people than slots but they realize they need a Chaplain so they hired him for four days a week.

The standard volume of inmates was the same, about 200.  I spoke on 1 Thes. 5:1-11.  I laid it on heavy because the last time I was there, not one hand was raised.  Guess what……..not one hand was raised.  They are a tough bunch!

The one thing that concerns me in all the times we visit them, is that many come to church for they have nothing else to do and it makes them feel like they met their commitment.  I hope that isn’t the case but it so often feels like it.

In His Name,



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