MCCF, Sunday, January 22nd

Bonniemae and I were at MCCF for the mens service at 7 pm. the men came in slowly and we finally got started around 7:20. They sang one song and then gave me the freedom to preach. Only about 5 or 6 men left when they found out this was about God and the Bible. I preached from Matthew 8:8 and the centurion who had faith. At the invitation we saw many hands raised and heard the voices of the men as they prayed to receive Jesus Christ.

In the ladies service we saw a full house and there were no seats left. Bonniemae shared a recent trial that had taken place in her life. She should have been a comedian. The girls just fell in love with her and were able to see the principle she was showing them. I had to get the “hook” and take over the service. I spoke about Esther and how she was used by God and that their being in prison and in church was a time for them to make good decisions. Once again when I gave the invitation hands were raised and voices heard as they prayed. To God be the Glory!

John & Bonniemae


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