SCI Graterford, Tuesday, January 17th

Hi Folks,
   Well I thought I would update everyone on what is going on.  We are doing the Master’s Men study It is a difficult one for the men that are in prison. We have 4 to 9 men that come out depending on the work schedule. It is going very good.After lesson #3 we will do a DVD that will show what we have studied put to something they can visualize. Pray for us as Kathy is there to sometimes give a wives perspective on the issues.
       I was told by the OSU men to call Chaplain Torres and he said Scott Shaw’s and Kathy’s  renewal forms where at the security department awaiting approval. Then they will be added once again to the gate pass. Everyone else is OK. But the gate pass expires in March. The Chaplain said no problem that will be taken care now that the paper work is completed.
              Also I asked if there was a date available Cornerstone Prison Ministry would be  willing to come inside. He said wait a minute. He came back and said he would schedule Kathy and I for April 9th to go inside. So PTL we got a date for an inside meeting. He asked what we would need so I gave him something we sometimes do in other prisons. Kathy will read a hymn history that would pertain to the message.. then the congregation would sing it. Then the message and invitation. So pray the Holy Spirit will prepare hearts for a harvest of souls AMEN!!!!

                           Thank you all for praying for us  SCotty CPM


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