SCI Muncy Orientation on Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Each year all of our volunteers who will be going to Muncy must go through a security orientation and have their picture taken for their Department of Correction Badges. This Sunday there were thirteen individuals who went. We left the church at 6:00 AM for the three hour trip to Muncy. It was a long but gratifying day. We had lunch there and each person got a gift which was made by the women of the prison population who attend the church there. I am including the picture of the chapel for you to see. We left for home and look forward to going back to Muncy in the near future.

SCI Muncy Chapel

Montgomery County Prison on Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Tony and Dee Ioime went to the women’s 2:30 service today. Tony is involved in the bus ministry, but still goes to prisons when available. Dee gave her testimony and sang about God’s grace through trials. There were nineteen women at the service. Tony and Dee met Tiffany, the mother of two of the children who ride on the bus and the children are regular attenders of Bus Church. Tiffany was very humble about her mistakes and committed to attending every service that is available at the prison. Tony preached about Noah and how God’s grace was the only thing that saved him and his family. Their time was over very quickly and the guards asked them to leave. Three women raised their hands for salvation.

SCI Frackville on June 17th, 2012

On Sunday, June 17th John Bilboe and Scott Shaw went to SCI Frackville, which is north of Pottsville. They met Chaplain Bomberger at 5:30 PM and went to the chapel. There are two services during the evening and Scott Shaw preached the first message from 1st Kings showing how we get into a cycle of sin. The second service was preached by John Bilboe from Job chapter 1 about how Job sacrificed for his children. During both services there were men who raised their hands for salvsation. “All Glory to God.”

SCI Mahanoy on Sunday, June 3rd

On Sunday, June 3rd Les Wittle traveled to SCI Mahanoy. Chaplain Zeiset met Les and they went to the chapel and caught up on old times. Les has been going there for twenty years. When the count cleared the men came pouring in to the chapel. There were two hundred and eighty-seven men who came to church that day. The choir sang and did a great job praising the Lord with music and song. The message was, “God Can Use Even You”, with examples of men and women whom Christ used in spite of themselves. There were men who raised their hands for Salvation and after the service, a first time guard in the chapel came and asked what it meant to be saved. He was given a clear presentation of the Gospel but did not ask God into his heart that day. We will be praying for his salvation. What a great blessing the day turned out to be.