SCI Dallas, Sunday, February 19th


Marty and I went to DALLAS on Sunday.  This time we got there for last time there was an accident on the turnpike and we had to come home.  Those who have gone to DALLAS, the tall guy who was the assistant, his name is Carlton Houck is now the acting Chaplain.  He works Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  He expects to be the Chaplain but they are playing a numbers game and they have more people than slots but they realize they need a Chaplain so they hired him for four days a week.

The standard volume of inmates was the same, about 200.  I spoke on 1 Thes. 5:1-11.  I laid it on heavy because the last time I was there, not one hand was raised.  Guess what……..not one hand was raised.  They are a tough bunch!

The one thing that concerns me in all the times we visit them, is that many come to church for they have nothing else to do and it makes them feel like they met their commitment.  I hope that isn’t the case but it so often feels like it.

In His Name,


MCCF, Sunday Evening, February 5th

Bonniemae and I were able to sing and share a time of fellowship with some of the same group of ladies we had been with just a few weeks earlier. One girl sang “Jesus Loves Me” so pure and clear she should have been on a TV show. I then opened the word of God from 1 Timothy 6:6-10 talking about attitudes and what God wants us to learn when we seek to honor and obey His leading. Replacing covetousness with and attitude of contentment.
Several hands were raised as we prayed together.
John Bilboe

SCI Muncy, Sunday, January 29th

Greetings and Salutations,
On Sunday I had the pleasure of traveling to SCI Muncy. Chaplain Reitz met me and we had an opportunity to talk for a little while. She is having some heart issues and needs some prayer. She has problems breathing when she just walks up a few steps. The service started with fifteen ladies. No one for music showed up and I answered a few questions they had about the Bible. The ladies were very attentive and the questions were simple in most cases.
One thing I found out was no one knew about the Rapture of the church, nor did they know about the great Tribulation.
When I started the Sermon they were very attentive and some were taking notes. The sermon dealt with Christ’s miracles and His love for each of us. When I gave the invitation two ladies raised their hands. I do not know what type of preaching the ladies receive, but if they never heard of the Rapture or the Great Tribulation the ladies need some Bible teaching.
Chaplain Reitz said, many ladies raise their hands for salvation week after week. I would love to have a weeks worth of meetings there, teaching them Bible facts and try to help them understand what God has for each one of us sinners.
Have a great week and thanks for the prayers.
In Him.
Bro. Les

MCCF, Sunday, January 22nd

Bonniemae and I were at MCCF for the mens service at 7 pm. the men came in slowly and we finally got started around 7:20. They sang one song and then gave me the freedom to preach. Only about 5 or 6 men left when they found out this was about God and the Bible. I preached from Matthew 8:8 and the centurion who had faith. At the invitation we saw many hands raised and heard the voices of the men as they prayed to receive Jesus Christ.

In the ladies service we saw a full house and there were no seats left. Bonniemae shared a recent trial that had taken place in her life. She should have been a comedian. The girls just fell in love with her and were able to see the principle she was showing them. I had to get the “hook” and take over the service. I spoke about Esther and how she was used by God and that their being in prison and in church was a time for them to make good decisions. Once again when I gave the invitation hands were raised and voices heard as they prayed. To God be the Glory!

John & Bonniemae

SCI Graterford, Tuesday, January 17th

Hi Folks,
   Well I thought I would update everyone on what is going on.  We are doing the Master’s Men study It is a difficult one for the men that are in prison. We have 4 to 9 men that come out depending on the work schedule. It is going very good.After lesson #3 we will do a DVD that will show what we have studied put to something they can visualize. Pray for us as Kathy is there to sometimes give a wives perspective on the issues.
       I was told by the OSU men to call Chaplain Torres and he said Scott Shaw’s and Kathy’s  renewal forms where at the security department awaiting approval. Then they will be added once again to the gate pass. Everyone else is OK. But the gate pass expires in March. The Chaplain said no problem that will be taken care now that the paper work is completed.
              Also I asked if there was a date available Cornerstone Prison Ministry would be  willing to come inside. He said wait a minute. He came back and said he would schedule Kathy and I for April 9th to go inside. So PTL we got a date for an inside meeting. He asked what we would need so I gave him something we sometimes do in other prisons. Kathy will read a hymn history that would pertain to the message.. then the congregation would sing it. Then the message and invitation. So pray the Holy Spirit will prepare hearts for a harvest of souls AMEN!!!!

                           Thank you all for praying for us  SCotty CPM

SCI Camp Hill, Sunday, January 8th

Hi Folks,

   It was a cold cold morning 1/8/17 about 8 degrees out. Marty and I braved it and went to Camp Hill.
Joe called last night and said he wasn’t feeling good at all and decided to stay home. Hope you are
feeling a lot better Joe. We prayed for you this morning. Marty had the flu and preached the 1st service
by request and layed back in low key the rest of the day. About 18 men the 1st service responded. The
2nd service about 75-80 men in the service and about 1/3 to 1/2 stood and responded to the invitation.
3rd service about 100 plus and 14 responded to the invitation. Had a great day in the Lord the fellowship
with Marty was great and GOD got ALL the Glory because he did all the work Amen!!!!  Met a new Chaplain
to the Amreican Indians service a Lady forgot her name. We had an interesting conversation though. I knew
a little about the Indian traditions so the time with her went quite well. Many where redeemed from the pit Amen!!

                               In Christ Love Scotty CPM

MCCF, Sunday, January 1st

I went to MCCF-W last night.  There were 18 women and 3 raised their hands for Salvation.  It was a good session, they were attentive and they asked a lot of questions.