MCCF, Sunday, December 28th


John Bilboe and I went to MCCF for the ladies service. There were 11 women in attendance. However two of them only were there to talk to each other and paid no attention to the service. The other 9 women were very interested in the service. John started it off with a word of prayer, then he talked about the candy cane and its meaning.. After the reading of the bible I preached “Who was Jesus”. After the sermon 3 women raised their hand for salvation and I led them in a prayer. All of the 9 who listened had bibles. The six names above are interested in starting the A-Z discipleship Carol would you please respond to them.

Marty Gotsch

SCI Camp Hill, Sunday, December 28th


Jim Bracelin, Scott Shaw and I went to Camp Hill on Sunday.  We had great fellowship and met with Chaplin (I believe it was Newman).  He seems to be a very big plus for the inmates and for us as he seems grounded and concerned for the spiritual wellbeing of the inmates.  He was very cooperative, friendly and even came up to the platform and stayed with us the whole time.  We took him to lunch with us and learned much more about him.
Scott and I did the first two services, with Scott talking about Grace and Mercy.  I went deeper into the Christmas story explaining more deeply the individual events and their significance, for as much as I had time for.  Jim talked to the browns about the various prophecies involved with the Prodical Son.  As-in-all, there were some 720 men in attendance and to the best of our knowledge some 188 men raised their hands for Salvation.
In His Name,

MCCF, Thursday, December 25th-Christmas

Marty and I went to the Men’s 8:00 PM.  The front guard told Marty that he doesn’t celebrate Christmas.  We got in actually early.  There were 38 men and they were very receptive.  We sang about 4-5 songs throughout the night, Marty read Matt. 1:18 – 2:23, then he and I discussed and expanded on the  event of the verses.  As I normally do, we finished with about 50 questions to see how well they listened to the passages.  It was a lot of fun for everyone.  We didn’t have time for a show of hands but I did cover the sinners prayer and asked them to say it in their cells.  Our challenge was complacency in reading, understanding and living for the baby that God allowed to bear our sins for us.
Please keep Jim Bracelin, Scott Shaw, myself, Scott Wilson, john B. and Marty G. in your prayers for tomorrow as we go into the prisons.
Joe Poley

SCI Chester, Thursday, December 18th

Last night I went into SCI Chester for Frank Imbo to do a Bible study (and this Saturday we are doing a Christmas Service there) But I hadn’t been in for sometime. There were about 20 men there and all thankful that someone came, (even me)  Here is the point I want to make, several of them came to me to say they had seen me at other state and local prisons. They were excited to share that!  So , it’s not about me but just to let you all know that you are making a difference in someones life even if you can’s see it. 


John Bilboe

SCI Houtzdale, Sunday, December 14th

Hello Friends,

On Sunday, December 14th I had the opportunity of going to SCI Houtzdale. Chaplain Miller met me at 8:00 AM and we went to the chapel. We spoke about the changes in procedures at the prison and then the men started coming in to set up for the service. There seemed to be more chairs set out than I remember. About 8:30 the men started coming in for the service. There was a total of 240 men that walked in the door. They sang some worship songs and a few Christmas hymns which were appreciated.
My message was titled An Introduction To Jesus , from Matthew 1:18-25. I used many Scripture references to Christ being in heaven with the Father and the Holy Spirit (Gen. 1:26) and other scripture showing Christ’s pre-eminence. During the service there were a few noisy inmates which were laughing and carrying on during the sermon. Chaplain Miller squelched the uprising pretty quickly.
At the invitation there were three men who came forward to claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord
Saturday night I was sick and Sunday still not feeling very well and was unable to do the 1:00 PM service. I apologized and left before the start of the 1:00 PM service. Chaplain Miller contacted me on Monday and told me they had sung some hymns and prayed for Dottie and me and our ministry during that service. I was greatly touched by the kind and undeserved attention. Chaplain Miller said, “it was the least they could do”. We will be going back to Houtzdale next year for a few services. It will be a blessing I am sure. Thank you for your prayers.
In Him,
Bro. Les Wittle 

SCI Somerset, Saturday, November 22nd

I was accompanied by Dave Gray and Joe Weidler and we had a great time getting to know each other and to fellowship.  For that I am thankful.  Dave played the piano and Joe sang a few songs and Joe led the congregation in a song.
Since it was Thanksgiving week, I had researched how Thanksgiving  was created and read three pages to them of what actually happened and how tradition has hidden those facts with fallacy.  To my surprise they clapped when I was done.  I didn’t expect it or particularly do it for it wasn’t about me but Thanksgiving.
I used the next one hour and fifteen minutes and covered every aspect I could think of for how we should be grateful to God and focused on their situations and how they  should be grateful.  I believe it was very successful and many came up as they were leaving and said it was a special service for them.  God is good, all of the time and it was His Holy Spirit that takes the glory for whatever success we encountered.
There were some forty plus men and I believe 4 men raised their hand for Salvation and one man came up to me and said he didn’t raise his hand but did say the prayer.  Only God knows.
In His Name,

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Hi Folks,
        We arrived on time and were processed in with no problems . We met with Chaplain Reitz and were received well. Rebecca Misiura, Joe Weidler, Kathy and myself were present. We sang, gave testimonies, preached
and two responded to God’s call for salvation. The  fellowship was great. Glory went to the Lord and we had safety as we traveled.
       However, the bad news was Chaplain Pickett received a lot of calls about returning to Canada as a missionary and answered the call. He was doing a Bible  study on baptism with about thirty women and  was doing a great job. Chaplain Reitz was not happy at all. She said the baptism study will be on the back burner for a while. Her health is not good. She just had a serious back surgery. and still needs a knee replacement. She mentioned two people quit on her in the last two months. Now she is the only saved
protestant Chaplain in Muncy and will not be able to be there much til after her surgery’s are done and healed. So we as a group MUST pray that evil will not prevail AMEN!!
                                Scotty CPM


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