SCI Laurel Highlands, Sunday Evening February 8th

On February 8th we traveled to SCI Laurel Highlands for their evening service. It was foggy and rainy, but we were glad to be there for the service. The Chaplain met us at 5:30 and we walked to the chapel. The men started to come in around 6 PM. They have music which is not bad and we sang some hymns. They gave me time to preach which I was very grateful for. Believe it or not I first read a poem and shared with them the importance of that poem. It was twenty-five years ago that I read it for the first time. It was called, “Mountain Moving” and it was about how God will move mountains for us if we follow Him and obey His commandments regardless of our hardships or situations. This is still true today. My sermon dealt with Scripture which is not unlike the poem, from John 14:13-15. The scripture deals with how Christ will do anything for us, if we asked. But the last verse says, “if ye love me keep my commandments.” Many times we do not receive what we ask for because we just don’t keep His commandments. We maybe do not have enough faith, or a weak prayer life, but God wants to answer our prayers, but we just fail Him.

At the invitation eight men came forward to receive Christ. One man came up in a wheel chair. He had not walked or even stood up for three years. When he got to the pulpit, he grabbed a hold of it and stood up to receive Christ. The men in the service, many who knew him had tears in their eyes. This is when I found out about his physical condition and what just happened in front of us. God’s Word changed him spiritually and physically that night. What a blessing it was as tears ran down my face also. I think God shows us things sometimes that we need to see. I saw His power and Mercy on that man. God showed me how awesome and powerful He is, if we just trust in Him. It was a great evening. There were 210 men who saw God work. I was glad to be one of those to witness a change that took place that evening in eight mens lives. Thank you for praying for Dottie and I. It is definitely appreciated.
In Him,
Bro. Les


MCCF, Sunday Evening, February 1st

I went to MCCF last night @ 8:00 PM (actually I got in at 8:30) for the women’s service.  Initially there were 10 women but before we even got started the guard came back and took 3 out of the service.  I was teaching them on marriage via the Master’s Men series which is just as appropriate for the women as for the men, with minor exceptions.  The guard came back at 9:05 for the women, so obviously I didn’t get to finish.  I didn’t even have time to do prayer but quickly told them what to say and why when they got back to their cells.
When going to the women’s side it is a guessing game as to how long you will have.  It could be 1/2 hour or 2 hours.  But, God is good all of the time!
In His Name


SCI Muncy, Sunday January 25th


On Sunday, January 25th I went to Muncy for the afternoon Jesus Rally. Chaplain Reitz greeted me and we spoke for a while. They have a new Protestant Chaplain starting in February and will replace Chaplain Pickens.

There were sixty women who came to the service and they were very cordial and very attentive. My message was, “An Introduction to Jesus” which dealt with some scripture which may have been a little different to them, such as Jesus existing before His earthly birth. They were very interested and many took notes of the different Scripture references I used. Everything went very well and the women did not try to interrupt me with questions while I was speaking. I gave an invitation and no one responded, but when we were finished there were four women who came to me with questions. From their questions I do not believe they were saved but I told them to write to us and we will take care of their doubts and get them on their way to the Savior.

Thanks to all who prayed. It was definitely appreciated.

In Him,
Bro. Les

MCCF, Thursday, January 22nd

I went to MCCF last night and finished the #12 lesson of the Master’s Men (Mission).  We started with about 23-24 men and ended up with 17.  Everyone professed to be saved, even after I challenged them a 2nd time.  Remember from my write up from last month about a man who said that he believes that we humans are expected and can reach sinlessness?  Well, I spent some time and had wrote him a letter explaining what the Bible really means about this.  I saw him again last night and asked him if it answered his question and he said “no” that he still believe that is true.  During the Bible Study, he started to bring it up again for a class discussion and I asked him to hold off and I would discuss it one-to-one.  To my regret, he left the room.
In His Name,

MCCF, Wednesday, January 21st

Last night I went to MCCF for Paul to do the 6:30 Bible study. I had 30 men attend (of which 9 left early). They were very appreciative of me coming since no one showed up on Tuesday. taught about the Bible and why we should read the KJV of the Bible. There were many good questions asked. In the end I had 3 men raise their hand for salvation and I led them in a salvation prayer.
Ours in Christ

SCI Graterford, Tuesday, January 20th

Some men have gone home and others have come but only two that are real faithful. We are on the S Lesson and working on it to get finished. Then it seems to be an interest to do the masters men series. Pray that the other men in the OSU would start coming out.
The session for this Tuesday has been cancelled. But keep us in prayer. OK
At  MCCF on Sunday afternoon 2:30 service we where cut off at 3;30 instead of 4;00 pm
So the invitation was non existent I told the Ladies to seek God and pray in their pods to receive Christ as Lord and Savior

SCI Frackville, Sunday, January 18th

Hello everyone from Scotty Wilson. His computer is out of service until the end of this week but he wanted you all to know the following:


He preached two services at Frackville and there were between 70 & 80 men in each service. The music was uplifting and the Chaplin was overjoyed with CPM and its messages along with  the response from the inmates.

The first message was on Creation and 8 raised their hands, in the second service Scotty preached on time from Ecclesiastes and 9 raised their hands.

All in all the services went much better than hoped for and the Lord was Glorified!


Praise Him!


For Brother Scott


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