SCI Dallas, September 20th

Hello Folks,

We arrived  and were greeted by Chaplain Carlton. No problem getting

in. The service started and the choir sang a few hymns. Really good as we see

the growth in their ministry of singing. A lot of scriptural content. Kathy then

read the history behind I have decided to follow Jesus. We sang 3 verses and

I preached on Matthew 21 :33 to 46. and no one came forward at the invitation.

We went back home and seed was planted we did not see. Glory to God.

Scotty CPM

MCCF, Sunday evening, August 23rd

Well my Sunday evening was nothing like what Joe went through. Andrew Myers, Paul and myself attended the evening services at MCCF. This was Andrews first time in prison, I am so glad to have him coming on board to serve the Lord in this way. He gave a testimony about how he met his wife Emily, in the ladies service. They really enjoyed that.

I preached both services using Luke 4:18 as my key verse.

A guard came into the men’s service and told them if they continue to meet there just to talk, they will be removed from the service because other inmate have complained. Praise the Lord!

As usual a full house and at the invitation many hands were raised. I gave out cards and challenged them to get involved in a discipleship program.

The ladies were once again very attentive with about 20 in attendance and prayers for salvation were heard as they pray out loud.

Delighted to Serve

John, Paul and Andrew (sounds like a line up for the disciples)

SCI Graterford, Sunday. July 26th

Hi! Folks,

I went to SCI Graterford and there where 7 in attendance. Some people

went home that came out so attendance is down. And in my Tuesday night

Bible study there is only 1 right now. So pray for that OK. I preached on

Hell and 5 said they where Saved , 2 where honest but didn’t respond.However

the seed was planted. So we can still PTL for what He has done

Scotty CPM

SCI Somerset,Saturday, July 18th

Hi! folks,

Kathy and I and Steve and Shirley Slater went to Somerset and at 1st

we thought we would not get in. The storm went through earlier and knocked out

the gate control system. Chaplain Maust said we may or not have a service.They

couldn’t control the gate so they couldn’t open or close them. 1st we all complained

and then decided to pray and the Lord worked it all out. We have 2 hours for the service.

Steve and Shirley sang 1 special and Kathy read a hymn history. then Steve

lead the congregation in 4 or 5 favorite hymns. Shirley sang 2 more songs. Then

I preached on the 2nd coming of Jesus. At the alter call 7 men responded came

forward and asked Jesus to forgive them and save them and He did.

Our trip out and back was great fellowship and safety granted us by the

Lord. God got all the glory we got the blessing of serving Him.

Scotty Cpm

MCCF, Sunday evening, August 27th


No problems tonight! I covered Gen 9-11. Eighteen men attended and 1 raised his hand for Salvation but I doubt it since he was asleep most of the time. Only God knows!

In His Name,


MCCF, Thursday Evening, July 23rd


There were 13 men in the Bible Study, which was on Noah and the Ark. Five or six raised their hands for Salvation. Interesting enough, my nemesis was there and once again he tried to make a scene saying that He doesn’t believe me that we cannot reach perfection while on the earth based on Matt. 5:48 (Be ye therefore perfect….). I told him I would gladly discuss it with him if he wrote to me again but he left in a huff. I wish I could find a way to appease him that would solve his dilemma.

Another man said that he was a preacher on the outside but was perplexed that he had stole a pen, just yesterday and wondered at his Salvation. I asked him if he was sorry and repented and had returned the pen. He said he had. I assured him that if he was serious that God would forgive him. Interestingly enough, when I gave the invitation, he said the prayer. He obviously liked the message for he moved three times while I was there, eventually sitting on the edge of the front seat.

In His Name,

SCI Frackville, Sunday Evening, July 12th


Sunday evening I went to SCI Frackville. Chaplain Bomberger is gone and there is a new Chaplain. His name is David Pettit. He is a very nice fellow. He was Army and served in Afganistan and Germany. He rode in to the prison on his motorcycle. No problem with that. The men seem to like him and he has a great personality and loves the Lord. Anyway, he forgot to put a gatepass in for me so they were not going to let me in. I told the guard that I had just been there a few months ago and should be cleared. That didn’t work. So they called the captain and he said they should not do it, but since I had my volunteer badge they would allow it just this time. So I finally got in.
Anyway we had a very blessed time with the men. I preached from John Chapter 9, “The Testimony that We Live By” which tells of how the blind man from birth was given his eyesight from the Savior. The blind man would not recant what happened to him. “He once was blind but now he sees’. We need to share our testimony whenever we get the chance. That’s what the inmates need to do as well. The church at Frackville is a very spirited church and I hope they continue to see the church grow.
 Hope you all have a good week. Be blessed.
In Him,
Bro. Les


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