SCI Somerset, Saturday, November 22nd

I was accompanied by Dave Gray and Joe Weidler and we had a great time getting to know each other and to fellowship.  For that I am thankful.  Dave played the piano and Joe sang a few songs and Joe led the congregation in a song.
Since it was Thanksgiving week, I had researched how Thanksgiving  was created and read three pages to them of what actually happened and how tradition has hidden those facts with fallacy.  To my surprise they clapped when I was done.  I didn’t expect it or particularly do it for it wasn’t about me but Thanksgiving.
I used the next one hour and fifteen minutes and covered every aspect I could think of for how we should be grateful to God and focused on their situations and how they  should be grateful.  I believe it was very successful and many came up as they were leaving and said it was a special service for them.  God is good, all of the time and it was His Holy Spirit that takes the glory for whatever success we encountered.
There were some forty plus men and I believe 4 men raised their hand for Salvation and one man came up to me and said he didn’t raise his hand but did say the prayer.  Only God knows.
In His Name,

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Hi Folks,
        We arrived on time and were processed in with no problems . We met with Chaplain Reitz and were received well. Rebecca Misiura, Joe Weidler, Kathy and myself were present. We sang, gave testimonies, preached
and two responded to God’s call for salvation. The  fellowship was great. Glory went to the Lord and we had safety as we traveled.
       However, the bad news was Chaplain Pickett received a lot of calls about returning to Canada as a missionary and answered the call. He was doing a Bible  study on baptism with about thirty women and  was doing a great job. Chaplain Reitz was not happy at all. She said the baptism study will be on the back burner for a while. Her health is not good. She just had a serious back surgery. and still needs a knee replacement. She mentioned two people quit on her in the last two months. Now she is the only saved
protestant Chaplain in Muncy and will not be able to be there much til after her surgery’s are done and healed. So we as a group MUST pray that evil will not prevail AMEN!!
                                Scotty CPM

SCI Rockview, Sunday, November 3rd

Greetings everyone,

On Sunday Dottie and I were at SCI Rockview in Bellefonte, PA. Chaplain Tom Reitz greeted us at 8:30 AM. The first thing we did was go to the educational building for a morning prayer meeting which is what the Trustees do with the chaplain before the service. The service starts at 10 AM and there were 301 men attending. The music and announcements lasted about twenty minutes or so and then I had the opportunity to preach on, “The raising of Lazarus” from John chapter eleven. I emphasized the last three words in verse twenty-six, “Believest thou this?” I asked the men that question and got quite a response. The invitation was given and forty one men stood up to accept Christ. I truthfully believe I scared them, but not intentially. The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way. I think I saw more tears in this service than all my past twenty-three years doing prison ministry. It was evident that the Holy Spirit was in charge of this service and not the preacher. What a great blessing. I am so humbled what God does for a sinner like me. Praise the Lord for his mercy and grace. Thank you all for the support of this ministry which is so near and dear to my heart.

In Him,
Bro. Les

Delaware Correctional Facility, Thursday,October 31st.

Hi! Folks
We arrived in plenty of time grabbed a bite to eat and went in. We were met by a guard that didn’t know what to do. But she got help then we were escorted to the chapel and there met by the inmates; No Chaplain. We were also limited in time. Marty gave a testimony after they sang one song and then the message on forgiveness. No one came forward for salvation but many said they were encouraged with the message. We may get some requests for Bibles and Bible studies. God was good to us. Amen!!

Scotty CPM

Montgomery County Correctional Facility Updates

Hi, here are some updates from Montgomery County

Will and I went Sunday night. Will preached to the men and I did the women. There were about 28 men and all professed to be saved. There were 16 women and none raised their hand for salvation.

Will went by himself on this Thursday. There were about 20 men as he taught them “How to be a better husband” from the Master’s Men series.

Joe and Marty Gotsch (1st time to MCCF) went with me. I taught the men “How to be a Godly Father” from our Master’s Men Series. There were 23 men in attendance.

Scott Shaw and I went to MCCF. Scott preached a great sermon to the men. There were about 60 men in attendance and I believe 4 raised their hand for Salvation. I did the women and there were 23 in attendance. I taught them about how to be a better parent from the Master’s Men Series. I ran out of handouts for we normally only have about 12-14 attend. I will mail them a copy when I can reproduce them.

Joe Poley

SCI Graterford, October 27th

Hi Folks,
Went to Graterford on Sunday morning and got in a little early. They had church announcements and a few songs, a testimony and then the message. A message on forgiveness. The thing about it was the theme for the saturday night Bible study was on forgiveness. PTL I preached and offered the invation and at first no one responded about ready to close the service and one stood and prayed to recieve Christ as Lord and Savior AMEN!!! He took a card and will send for a Bible and Study as many others took cards. So we will see. Pray many will join our Tuesday
Bible study. There were 18 in attendance which is high and many were encouraged from the message. We all need forgiveness at times many more times then we want to admit. God was glorified and had a great service. Scotty CPM

SCI Graterford, Sept. 29th

Hi Gang,
Sunday I went to the OSU and had the service @ 9:00 am there where some new faces came in a little late so I didn’t get to talk to them much.I preached on 2nd Peter 2:1to 9 with other passages included to explain it. At the invitation 3 men stood and said they prayed with
me to get saved AMEN!!. I asked them if they would come out to our Bible study and all said yes so tomorrow night we will see so pray people OK !!

In Christ Love Scotty CPM


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