SCI Frackville, Sunday Evening, May 24th

Good Morning,

On Sunday afternoon I took a nice drive up to SCI Frackville. Chaplain Bomberger met me right after 5 PM and we went to the chapel. Frackville has two services, one right after the other. It was nice to see some folks I hadn’t seen for a while. Chaplain Bomberger will be leaving Frackville in about two months. He will be replaced with someone new. He will be working extra hours at SCI Camp Hill, this way he will be off on weekends and get to spend some more time with his family.
There were 140 men who came out this Sunday evening to worship. My message was, “An introduction to Jesus”, and covered facts about our Lord and His ministry. No one came forward at the invitation, but they came and had many questions for me, which I didn’t have time to answer.  Had a great time of fellowship with Chaplain Bomberger and the men. The men were hungry for the Word. Thanks for praying.
In Him,
Bro. Les

MCCF, Sunday Evening May 24th

I went to MCCF last night for the men’s and women’s services.  I read an article on the statue of the flag raising at Iwo Jima and what happened to those six men which shows that war is never glorious.  Then I use the Master’s Men Correspondent Course on Marriage as my material.
There were 48 men, most were attentive but there was a groups of 4-5 men who wouldn’t shut up.  I stopped several times and asked them to stop, plus a few stare downs but we got through it.  Twelve men raised their hands for Salvation.
There were 6 women in the 8:00 PM service.  I used the same message.  At first one was sleeping and another seemed bored to tears but as we went along both perked up and listened intently.  Three said they were saved and I never had a chance to ask at the end but did instruct them on the sinners prayer.
In His Name,

MCCF, Sunday Afternoon, May 24th

Hello Folks ,
  As a vet today I would ask you pray for the families that have a vacant chair
at the table. Their love ones have paid the ultimate price for OUR freedom. I
will today visit the Viet Nam war memorial in Pottstown Pa. You see there
are 4 men I went to school with that I knew that did just that. Paid with their
lives for our freedom.  Thank you for the prayers Scotty.
    As I alone went to the 2:30 service at MCCF women’s side there were 6
in attendance. I preached a message on serving GOD in difficult circumstances
and it was truly a blessing to the ladies. All professed Salvation and where
really encouraged by the message from the LORD. I was there til 4:45 then
they let me out  Scotty CPM    PTL

SCI Camp Hill, Sunday, May 3rd

Scott Shaw, Marty Goetsch and I went to Camp Hill yesterday for  three services.  The Chaplains messed up the Entry list and gave the guards the wrong list (from two weeks ago) therefore Marty was not allowed in.  Les called today and the Chaplain apologized and said he would correct this by placing our whole group on each future list so that this doesn’t happen again.
So, Scott and I did the services.  Scott did the first two (blues) and I did the browns in the afternoon.  It was really funny, Scott and I never talked about it but he prepared a message from Hebrews #8 and called it :A Better Covenant” while I prepared a message from Hebrews #10 and called it “A Better Sacrifice”.  Both messages were similar and apparently what the men needed for they all received it well and were very attentive and thanked us after the services.   There were about 650 men in attendance and about 170 raised their hands for Salvation.  It was also a beautiful day to take a ride and to fellowship.  Their prayer leader and us both talked about discipleship lessons. 
In His Name,

MCCF, Sunday, April 26th

Certainly a busy day for CPM as many prisoners had the opportunity to hear the Gospel preached this Sunday. Thanks for the prayers and the faithfulness of all who are part of this ministry. 
My brother Paul went along with me to MCCF for all three services. at 2:30 we had 12 ladies show up. God was at work in the lives of some of them. There was one girl that was definitely a saved lady, and she knew she has messed up. How sad to see her tears, facing 3-10 years. Seven of the 12 did signal that they wanted to accept Christ.
At 7:00 the mens service was full. They sang three songs and I preached from James 4. Questioning the reasons they don’t believe God’s Word to be true, thus creating a conflict in their lives. Time ran out as the guard closed us down right at 8:00, but I could see the faces of many who understood their need to trust and obey.
We went straight to the ladies side where we had to wait, as a fight had broken out in the hallway between two gals. The guard said neither one of them looked too good after their encounter. However  we got started around 8:30 and the guard let us stay till 9:15. I spoke from 1 John about the ways you can tell if you are in, and living for God. Once again time ran out. I challenged them to spend some time with the Lord and tell Him what is on their hearts and to receive His promise of eternal life.
John Bilboe

SCI Muncy, Sunday afternoon, April 26th

Hi! Folks
          You all know we NEED to pray for one another, Amen! So Jim we
prayed for you in Denver on 4/26; and Les we prayed for you in Graterford
 on 4/26; and John we prayed for you in MCCF for three services I
believe you took. Lets remember to be faithful OK!!
          As Kathy and I traveled to Muncy womens prison we always get there
a little early and witness to people going in to visit family members that
are in prison. The last couple of times we where there it’s been exciting
to be planting seed and share with saved people who come to visit.
          Chaplain Reitz met us and we had a good time of fellowship with
her before the services. Please pray for her health as she still has a lot
going on Ok. We had 1 1/2 hours to hold the service and we let the
women choose songs and sang the 1st verse of many requests. Kathy
read a hymn history and sang a solo; but understand that isn’t her
best trait. The message was on the Eternal home of the lost. And at the
invitation 10 ladies responded to the Gospel Call Amen! So thank you for
all that prayed for us; God was Gloried. I’m waiting to see what happened
                                   in Christ Love   Scotty CPM

SCI Graterford, Sunday morning April 26th


On Sunday I had the opportunity to go to SCI Graterford. I did not know the bridge was closed so I had to detour and came in by Rt. 73. There were ten men in the service and we had a great time together. They asked me how Scott was and I told them I did not know. He was sick on Tuesday and couldn’t make it. They hope he recovers quickly.
There was one face I remembered from the last time I was there. It has been quite a few months for me since being there at Graterford. We went over some Scripture which is very special and I asked them to share what the scripture meant to them. They all were attentive and the time together turned out well.
When I was leaving one of the security guards who was patrolling the main building said hi and asked me how the service went. It turns out he goes to VFBT on Wednesday nights, but works every Sunday. I asked him when the new building will be opening. He told me definitely not till 2016. That’s different than what I had been hearing. I’m sure Chaplain Neiderhiser will tell us. Have a great week and thank you for the prayers.
In Him,
Bro. Les


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