SCI Frackville, Sunday Evening, July 12th


Sunday evening I went to SCI Frackville. Chaplain Bomberger is gone and there is a new Chaplain. His name is David Pettit. He is a very nice fellow. He was Army and served in Afganistan and Germany. He rode in to the prison on his motorcycle. No problem with that. The men seem to like him and he has a great personality and loves the Lord. Anyway, he forgot to put a gatepass in for me so they were not going to let me in. I told the guard that I had just been there a few months ago and should be cleared. That didn’t work. So they called the captain and he said they should not do it, but since I had my volunteer badge they would allow it just this time. So I finally got in.
Anyway we had a very blessed time with the men. I preached from John Chapter 9, “The Testimony that We Live By” which tells of how the blind man from birth was given his eyesight from the Savior. The blind man would not recant what happened to him. “He once was blind but now he sees’. We need to share our testimony whenever we get the chance. That’s what the inmates need to do as well. The church at Frackville is a very spirited church and I hope they continue to see the church grow.
 Hope you all have a good week. Be blessed.
In Him,
Bro. Les

SCI Camp Hill, Sunday, July 12th

Scott Wilson and John Bilboe traveled to Camp Hill on Sunday and were greeted by Chaplain  Rick Newman. The church house was full for both of the “blues” services. Scott preached the first on the subject of Hell, from Luke 16:19. I think they got the message as at the invitation over 90% of the 300 in attendance stood to pray. The same reaction came in the second service as Scott preached from Luke 15 and the prodigal son. It is almost overwhelming to see, but we know that God knows their hearts.
I preached the “browns” service from Exodus and the life of Moses, bringing them to a “burning bush” where Moses decided to surrender to God’s calling. Again men responded to the invitation and hopefully are willing to go through the wilderness and seek God’s direction for their lives.
The chaplain asked if CPM would be able to supply them with a case of Spanish Bibles. We told him to contact Les. But I’m sure we could do it.

MCCF Sunday evening, July 5th

I went to MCCF last night for the women’s 8:00 PM.  Things seem to be running late these days.  I didn’t get in to after 8:30 PM and then waited for two groups of women to come in, so it was about 8:40 until I started.  We were stopped by the guard at 9:15  There were 17 women and they were very attentive and asked good questions.
Since it was July 5th, I read to them an article about the hardships of all those who signed the Declaration of Independence for I thought it fitting.  Then I started Genesis Chapter #3.  I told them initially that when CPM comes there our goal is to teach them the Bible facts and in particular how to read the bible to get the facts that the bible is presenting.  That they should leave knowing the material that was shared but also seeing how they should be not just reading their bibles but delving into them with gusto.  And that there shouldn’t be any time when they haven’t had a chance to accept and understand what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross.
We usually go to 9:30 so when the guard came in I asked her for two more minutes and took 4 but gave and explained the sinners prayer to them.  I asked who had said it and they all raised their hands.  Then I said who has said it for the first time and all hands dropped.  So, I told them to make sure of what they believe for it has to be a heart issue.  I wish there had been more time for most of them were new inmates.
In His Name,

Sunday evening, June 28th

Sunday evening Paul and I went to MCCF for two services. I preached to a fulll house in the mens service, I had to stop a couple of times and ask a group to stop talking but that is getting to be the norm there. I used Psalm 86 as a lesson on “Prayer”. Many of the men were truly listening, and when the invitation was given several men raised there hands and prayed with me. (God and the Devil know if they were serious)
Paul did the ladies, about 15 came out. We sang songs and he preached on the “Final authority” by which we live our lives. They had questions and we were able to guide them in the path to Christ.
They really need to get the lights fixed in the mens chapel as four of the lights are not working and I have trouble reading.
All in all was another great opportunity to serve. Praise the Lord for the souls at Muncy.

SCI Muncy, Sunday, June 28th

Hi Folks ,
We went to Muncy Sunday morning and were early so we sat
for a while and when visitors would come into the shack we would get to
witness to some if the gate didn’t call to process for their visit.
 We got into Muncy and in May they said passes were good
for 3 years instead of just 2. But security never put it into the system so
we didn’t think Kathy would be able to get in. The Guard did let her in
because her name was on the gate pass tho. We told chaplain Reitz
and she said she would get it straightened out.
We had a great service 18 in attendance I preached on prodical
daughters from Luke 15. At the invitation 3 ladies prayed to get Saved and
stood to make a public profession in front of their peers. Many took cards and
where interested in the Bible study program. 
Thanks for all who prayed. We prayed for the other meetings
in Gford,, Mahnony,, and 3 in MCCF I trust the LORD gave an increase AMEN!!
                                   Scotty and Kathy  CPM

MCCF, Thursday, June 25th and Sunday, June 28th

On Thursday I went to MCCF (Men) to continue our Bible Study on Genesis.  My intention was to go thru Chapt. 4-6.  I go in at 8:20 and there were three men there.  It wasn’t until 8:45 that another 13 came drifting in  Obviously I didn’t accomplish what I had intended but we did get 1/2 way thru Chapt. #4 (Cain & Abel).  The guards came in and I did have the chance to say the sinners prayer but have no idea if any accepted Jesus Christ.  However, one man said he would be going to Camp Hill this week and was really eager to start Discipleship when he gets there.  He said he would.
On Sunday I went to the women’s 2:30 and started the out on Genesis Chap. #1.  There were 17 women and they asked many questions and we did get through most of the Chapter.  Again, I did say the sinners prayer but do not know if anyone said the prayer, although I did hear a few low voices.
In His Name,

SCI Frackville, Sunday Evening, May 24th

Good Morning,

On Sunday afternoon I took a nice drive up to SCI Frackville. Chaplain Bomberger met me right after 5 PM and we went to the chapel. Frackville has two services, one right after the other. It was nice to see some folks I hadn’t seen for a while. Chaplain Bomberger will be leaving Frackville in about two months. He will be replaced with someone new. He will be working extra hours at SCI Camp Hill, this way he will be off on weekends and get to spend some more time with his family.
There were 140 men who came out this Sunday evening to worship. My message was, “An introduction to Jesus”, and covered facts about our Lord and His ministry. No one came forward at the invitation, but they came and had many questions for me, which I didn’t have time to answer.  Had a great time of fellowship with Chaplain Bomberger and the men. The men were hungry for the Word. Thanks for praying.
In Him,
Bro. Les


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