SCI Camp Hill, Sunday, April 19th

Hi! Folks, 
We made it to Camp Hill and processing went well. There were
300 in the first service Scott Wilson preached, the 2nd service there where about
275 and Scott Shaw preached, and we met Jim Bracelin at 12:30 pm and Jim preached
the 3rd service there where about 150 plus in that service. At the end of the
day we seen the Lord work in hearts and there were over 300 souls saved
all to the Glory of God . So Carol Ann expect some requests for Bibles and
Bible studies. Amen!! Chaplain Resheed cut Jim’s time by about 20 minutes;
he seems to do that every time he is there for the 3rd service on Sunday’s.
Also we ran out of Cards for part of the second service and all of the 3rd
service. So when we got back to VFBT I replenished the van with 2 containers
so there is cards again available in the van.
 Great day in the Lord; fellowship was great. And travel was also
good. It was a nice day for the trip.
       Scotty CPM

Delaware Correctional Center, Thursday, April 16th

Thursday, Paul and John Bilboe, along with Chuck Epperly, went to Smyrna Delaware. We had a great trip and were welcomed there by our old familiar guard and the sister from the Catholic Church. I preached from Psalm 19 and we saw 3 men raise their hands for salvation.
There is no active chaplain there now as Chaplain Pennel has retired. He will be sorely missed.
Great time of fellowship with the men there, the choir sang and praised the Lord.
Serving God is certainly the Best Life

SCI Somerset, Saturday, April 11th

I went to Somerset yesterday, with Jim Bracelin, Priscilla Quinones, Joe & Ruth Weidler.  We had great weather and greater fellowship.  As you can imagine, the weather was really nice, so only 34 men were in attendance, while four raised their hand for Salvation.
I MC’d, Priscilla played the piano and gave her Testimony, while Joe Weidler. sang 3 songs and led 3 congregational hymns.  Jim was in his normal mode and had the men captivated with his stories and presentation of the gospel.  This was Priscilla’s 1st visit to a prison and from what I could tell, she loved it.  I think she is only 22 but she is much more mature for her age and was a blessing to us all.  Ruth had not been on our clearance list but it was great talking with her and learning more about her and Joe.
In His Name,

MCCF, Easter Sunday, April 5th


Sunday evening I had the opportunity to share Resurrection Sunday with the ladies at Montgomery County. The service starts at 8:15 PM. The ladies came in around 8:30 and to my surprise they were quiet, attentive, and even were taking notes. No one was talking and they seemed to be interested in the message from Matthew, Chapter 28:1-15. We had a very good service complete with tears, laughter, and salvation. Every lady took one of our business cards. I know holidays are rough for them away from their families. But the Love of our God overcomes any worldly problems we may have. All the seats were full in that little room. I counted twenty present. 
In Him,
Bro. Les

MCCF, Thursday Evening, March 26th

I went to MCCF-Men @ 8:00 PM, got in abt. 8:10, started to teach on Gen.#1 (Creation).  There were 18 men, 7 left quickly when I said we were going to study Creation.  With the remaining men, we had a good discussion but I only got to day three when the guards came in at 9:05 and said it was time to go.  Didn’t have time to discuss Salvation.
In His Name,

MCCF, Sunday evening, March 22nd

  We went to mccf and the men where unruly I corrected them and
it got better. About 70 in attendance and I preached on Hell. Kathy read a hymn
history and at the invitation approx. 30 men answered the Gospel call and prayed
to get saved.
  Then we went to the ladies side and 7 in attendance I preached
on John 4th chapter as an encouragement to Spiritual growth. Everyone there
was Saved and experienced a blessing from the Bible. Kathy gave a testimony
we sang some and we where blessed upon leaving MCCF
                                      To God Be The Glory   Scotty

MCCF, Sunday afternoon, March 22nd

I taught them, as much as I could in 1 1/2 hours, Genesis Chapter #1.  There were 18 women and 12 raised their hand to accept Christ.  The day wasn’t without it problems, for I had two pockets of women who kept talking.  I stopped a couple of time and even had them move away from each other.  Other than that it was a great day.  PTL!
 In His Name,


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